Philip Bosley

Grunge Country

88 photos, and this is the only one I smiled for.

88 photos, and this is the only one I smiled for.


"Why should I pretend that it's not me editing my own website?

Hi, I'm Phil. This is my website. That's my 'professional bio' over there.


I write music, I wear plaid, I wear Doc's, and I play shows. You've probably seen me playing bass or drums for someone.

I've been told that I have a tendency to intimidate bass players who work for me.

I would like it very much if you continued to come to my shows and purchase my music.

That 1986 Bronco sitting in my backyard is just begging to be restored!"

-Philip James Bosley

Philip Bosley - Grunge Country: 

Americana needs louder guitars and Grunge needs better lyrics, so this is where Philip steps in.

Back in the 80's, they would've called it Heartland Rock. Now it's known as Roots Rock, Alt-Country, Americana, Canadiana, whatever other new genre name is surely coming soon. Somewhere between blue collar city workers, bored suburban kids, and farmer country sensibility. Imagine Buck Owens heartache with Big Sugar guitars, Merle Haggard mixed with Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen meets Bad Religion.

Seattle Grunge meets up with Austin Roots-Country in Southern Ontario for beer and whiskey.

Put down your smartphones and listen up, kids.



Background Photo from Lauren Garbutt